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Convert image to Word text Online

Everything you need to convert image to Word (DOCX) text

ScantextAI use OCR technology which let you convert image to text and save in Word very easy. All you need to upload your image text file. Before save, you can also edit your text.

How can I extract text from images, photos, scanned documents to Word (DOCX)?

    • About is online service where you can for FREE convert your images to Word format DOCX. You don't need any registration. Use it as much as you need.

    • Is it secure?

      Our service use technology which let us extract text from images without uploading to Internet. We don't use any cloud, all information stored on your device and stay there.

    • It support only JPG to Word conversion? support multiple image formats and offers comprehensive image to Word convertor. You can upload photo in JPG/JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, JPE and other formats.